GEOTRACES Education : 3 minutes to better understand the ocean

1 minute

education and formation

GEOTRACES is an international oceanographic programme that aims to improve the understanding of biogeochemical cycles and the large-scale distribution of trace elements and their isotopes in the marine environment.

Scientists from about 35 countries have participated in the programme, which is designed to study all major ocean basins.

This year, GEOTRACES is launching its Youtube channel “GEOTRACES Education (GTEd) – 3 minute videos to better understand the ocean! “.

Each month, until July, the GTEd channel will publish short videos explaining marine geochemistry. The first videos (all with French subtitles) are already available and can be found here:

  • Understanding the oceans – the GEOTRACES programme

  • Isotopes: Tracers of origins and timers: Learn what isotopes are and why they have revolutionised our knowledge and understanding of the ocean

  • Lead, Humans and the Oceans: What does a fingerprint have to do with lead? Find out how researchers have discovered that lead pollution in the oceans has been reduced

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