Océans Connectés is an online media entirely dedicated to marine sciences. The digital platform www.oceansconnectes.org offers a variety of content related to marine sciences: news at sea or on land, agendas and events, job and training offers, and popularised educational resources.

Created on 1 February 2021, Océans Connectés is a simplified joint stock company founded by Carole Saout-Grit. As a physical oceanographer for 25 years, she has put her expertise at the service of major research programmes in operational oceanography. Carole created océans connectés with her knowledge of projects and the network of marine scientists, her entrepreneurial background and her long-standing commitment to associations.

Informing about “oceanography in the making” is the main objective of océans connectés. By relying on the scientific community and its references, the media has the ambition to create a trusted platform that guarantees verified and robust information related to the ocean. By disseminating scientific facts in a broad and popularised manner, the information can be accessible to as many people as possible and give everyone the desire to know and the keys to understanding.

Connecting to innovate and act. océans connect was born out of the need to create a strong link between marine scientists, professionals and industrialists in the maritime field, educators and learners in the maritime and environmental sectors, and the general public.

Inspiring for the future. The diversity of existing jobs and career paths in the field of marine sciences is highlighted. The massive dissemination of job offers and professional training opportunities shows the numerous opportunities that exist to work in the field of marine sciences. In addition, the centralised announcement of a marine science agenda should allow everyone to participate, online or close to home, and to come and find out about the ocean.

Impact and action. Oceans Connected wants to put science back at the heart of the education and awareness process. This approach is necessary for everyone to understand the environmental issues at stake, and is a prerequisite for our common action to protect our health and our humanity. It clearly lays the foundations for building a common and shared scientific culture of the oceans.

Océans Connectés is an innovative tool – a new showcase that responds to a societal need based on cooperation for the common good; a collective and collaborative project – for the first time, scientists, industrialists, professionals, educators, associations, journalists and communicators are joining forces around a single platform for the popularisation of science; a virtuous circle – the creation of a new meeting place and exchange of ideas makes it easier to raise awareness and provide training on the challenges of protecting the oceans.

Building together a common and shared scientific culture of the oceans allows us to imagine solutions to protect them sustainably.