The Faltazis are designers, industrialists even. They work with the SEB group, for whom they design irons, hoovers and electric kettles. They design equipment for Schneider Electric, pushchairs for Bébéconfort… They also produce prospective projects such as Monsieur Faltazi, the Ekokook kitchen or more recently the “Ekovores” project.

Often presented as atypical, they propose above all a concrete vision of the world and of their profession. Their ecological and civic commitment, their real aspiration to the development of a sustainable world, combined with their experience of industrial practice, make their approach interesting and unique (Uritrottoir & Uritonnoir, Ekovore, Pluv). Without withdrawing from the field of production, they imagine alternative, collective scenarios that question and structurally modify the long-established paradigms of design as a privileged partner of industry.

To find out more about the project: https://www.faltazi.com/fr/