atelier travail ocean OceanPredict / EuroSea

Workshop “Ocean Prediction and Observing System Design”


EuroSea / OceanPredict

29 June to 1st July 2022

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A 3-day workshop is organised by OceanPredict and EuroSea to bring together the scientific community around the themes of ocean forecasting and the design of observation systems.

OceanPredict is a scientific programme dedicated to the coordination and improvement of global and regional ocean analysis and forecasting systems. It provides a communication and knowledge exchange platform run by scientists and operational oceanography experts from around the world to accelerate, strengthen and increase the impact of ocean forecasting.

EuroSea is a European programme that aims to improve the European ocean observing and forecasting system in a global context by providing ocean observations and forecasts. Its objective is to advance scientific knowledge of ocean climate, marine ecosystems and their vulnerability to human impacts, and to demonstrate the importance of the ocean for a healthy and economically viable society.

The joint EuroSea/OceanPredict workshop will therefore link EuroSea to OceanPredict’s international activities through some of its specialised work teams. The aim is to connect, explore and advance ocean observation and forecasting efforts in a global context. This workshop is a contribution to the UN Decade initiative through interaction with the Decade’s scientific programmes, GOOS and other scientific partners.


The workshop will be organised around 4 sessions:

  • Session 1: Observing System Experiments (OSE) and Observing System Simulation (OSSE), and their potential to contribute to the design of the overall ocean observing network and to achieve synergies between the different participating observing systems
  • Session 2: Extreme marine events – observation, modelling, forecasting and user accessibility
  • Session 3: Coastal Ocean – modelling, global observation system design and product utility
  • Session 4: EuroSea & OceanPredict – supporting the UN Ocean Decade


29 June – 1 July 2022 at the Met Office, Exeter, UK.
Registration open until 20 April 2022.

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