The consciousness of water

Art exhibition

Maison de Norvège, Paris, France

from 19/10 to 20/11/2022

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The House of Norway at the Cité internationale universitaire presents the exhibition The Consciousness of water by Rune Guneriussen and Maud Louvrier Clerc, curated by Madeleine Filippi. This Franco-Norwegian exhibition adresses the theme of water through the artistic spectrum; the urgency to act to protect nature is expressed with great poetry.

What if water, seas, lakes and oceans could speak to us?

The Consciousness of Water is an exhibition that goes beyond the ecological discourse to evoke the notion of link and connection. There are a multitude of myths surrounding water. Each culture, each historical period has seen them born and evolve. When we talk about water, we are talking about a territory and the way in which the people take hold of it.

This awareness of water is sublimated here by the proposals of French artist Maud Louvrier Clerc and Norwegian artist Rune Guneriussen. One mixes installations of organic elements and paintings and the other proposes photographs with dreamlike atmospheres. These works give off an urgency to act to preserve, but even more so a great poetry, as if nature, the water itself, was trying to communicate with us.

The experience here is to create a cathartic experience. Where the absurdity of an object out of place, the disgust provoked by the algae and the poetic beauty that emerges from these works directly challenge the spectator. In this way, we are almost forced to question our relationship with this natural element, with the Western myths we know, but also with those of our own culture and what this reveals about our society and ourselves.

Bringing two European artists together here is not insignificant, they are two aesthetic visions, two different experiences of water and yet it is impossible not to detect the commonality. Is it not the tour de force of these artists to succeed in using this rich theme to remind us of the need for commonality in order to understand the world around us?


  • Rune Guneriussen, Norwegian conceptual artist
  • Maud Louvrier Clerc, artist, designer and researcher in entrepreneurial psychology
  • Madeleine Filippi, exhibition curator

Practical information

  • From 19 October to 30 November 2022
  • Maison de Norvège, cité internationale universitaire de Paris
  • Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm; closed on weekends
  • For a visit in the presence of the artist in the evening and at weekends, contact Maud Louvrier Clerc

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