PostDoc in Physical Oceanography

IFREMER – Brest, France

Fixed term contract

Deadline: 15/06/2022

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The French CNRS (French National Centre for Scientific Research) is offering a postdoc in physical oceanography at the Physical and Spatial Oceanography Laboratory(LOPS) to study the variability of deep convection in the Greenland gyre. This post-doc project is a continuation of the project funded by SHOM (French Navy Hydrographic and Oceanographic Service) and a contribution to the National Observation Service “Argo France”, both of which involve several LOPS scientists and engineers.

Host organisation

The Physical and Spatial Oceanography Laboratory (LOPS) based at IFREMER (National Institute for Ocean Science) in Brest (29) is a Joint Research Unit under the supervision of the CNRS, IFREMER, IRD (the Institute of Research for Development) and UBO (the University of Bretagne Occidentale) It is also one of the seven laboratories that make up the European University Institute of the Sea (IUEM), and one of the three units of the Oceanography and Ecosystem Dynamics Department of Ifremer.

Research at LOPS focuses on the observation and study of ocean movements, their links with the atmosphere, the seafloor and the coastline and their influence on life in the oceans. It is organised around 4 thematic teams working on:

  • The coastal ocean
  • The role of the ocean in climate regulation and change
  • Observing the ocean from space and the dynamics of the air-sea interface
  • Scale interactions” or how small structures (waves, vortices, etc.) influence larger ones and vice versa.

Position description

The work will be based on in situ observations from a mooring array near Jan Mayen mainly collected in 2015-2016, hydrological data (from previous campaigns or Argo floats) available for this region, satellite observations (of the ocean and sea ice) and potentially numerical model outputs to provide a broader spatio-temporal context to the in-situ observations.

The main objective is to identify the drivers of deep convection in the Greenland Sea and to document the mechanisms responsible for their recent and past variability.

Profile and skills

  • PhD in physical oceanography, meteorology, climate science or geophysical fluid dynamics
  • Observational data analysis skills
  • Knowledge of statistics, experience in programming with Matlab, Python
  • Experience in polar research would be an asset
  • Good level in English

Professional skills

  • Adaptability
  • Teamwork
  • Autonomy
  • Good communication (written and oral)
  • Writing skills
  • Passion and enthusiasm

Contract type

Fixed-term contract: 24 months
Expected date of employment: 1 September 2022


LOPS, Centre IFREMER Brest, France

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