[Podcast] SWINGS deciphered by “La Terre au Carré” on France Inter

In his programme “La Terre au Carré” on France Inter, Mathieu Vidard looks back at the SWINGS expedition. He helps us decipher the scientific interest of the mission and plunges us into the heart of the 8 weeks that sailors and scientists spent in the middle of the Southern Ocean on board the emblematic ship Marion Dufresne.

A rich sharing of experiences with the testimonies of :

  • Catherine Jeandel, geochemist and research director at CNRS, Laboratoire d’études en géophysique et océanographie spatiales (Legos) and co-leader of the SWINGS project and
  • Hélène Planquette, marine biogeochemist, researcher at CNRS and co-leader of the SWINGS project.

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