photo drone ocean Photographie prise par un drone © Lucas Weppe

PIRATA campaign: updates from the deck!

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For several days now, the 14 scientists have been sailing for the 32nd edition of the oceanographic programme PIRATA (“Prediction and Research Moored Array in the Tropical Atlantic”). From the ship “Thalassa” of the French Oceanographic Fleet on which they have embarked, they gave us some news about their journey.

After a departure that was known to be eventful because of health, geopolitical and logistical reasons, the team in charge of collecting atmospheric and oceanic data in the tropical Atlantic Ocean has finally arrived in their study area. Here is the last map received of their ship’s journey from Brest to the tropical Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Africa.

trajet expedition
Position de l’équipage, 15/03/2022 © IRD

As a reminder, the very principle of the annual campaigns of the PIRATA programme is to collect long-term oceanic and atmospheric data in the tropical Atlantic Ocean, a key region in the thermal regulation of the planet as its role in the redistribution of heat from the equator to the poles is fundamental.

This 32nd PIRATA campaign once again brings together scientists from an international collaboration between France, Brazil and the United States in a strategic area for 39 days at sea.

The purpose of this mission is to study the ocean-atmosphere interaction in the tropical Atlantic Ocean, by maintaining a network of observations essential for seasonal, meteorological, climatic and oceanic forecasts. To learn more about the structuring and data collection of this observation network, click here (article anchorages/Pirata file).

And for the enjoyment of the sight, the teams on board gave us a very nice panorama of their day-to-day life in the area!

photo drone ocean
Photographie prise par un drone © Lucas Weppe

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