Ocean Data Engineer


Fixed term contract – Plouzane, France

Deadline: 15 august 2022

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In the frame of its involvement in data activities within the ENVRI-FAIR H2020 EU project, the Euro-Argo ERIC office is opening a fixed-term data scientist position to reinforce its team.

Host organisation

The Euro-Argo ERIC is a European Research Infrastructure Consortium with a legal status registered at the European Community since May 2014. The Euro-Argo Research Infrastructure (RI) aims to ensure the sustainability of the overall European contribution to the Argo international programme – deploying and maintaining a global network of oceanic profiling floats.

Euro-Argo RI federates the national contributions to the international Argo programme. The Euro-Argo is also in charge of:

  • the overall European coordination
  • the support to deployment activities
  • the European fleet monitoring
  • the survey of the data flows to the european Data centres (Coriolis, BODC) and Argo Global Data Assembly Centre (GDAC), the modelling facilities (European Copernicus Marine Service and National OPerational Services) and the European databases (SeaDataNet, EMODnet)

In the scientific domain, Euro-Argo missions are 1/ to promote and coordinate the Euro-Argo strategy and to develop an implementation plan within the Argo international context, 2/ to promote the scientific results achieved by Euro-Argo partners, and 3/ to coordinate joint scientific activities that have been defined by the Euro-Argo management board and endorsed by the council. Some of these activities are carried out within European projects.

Job description

Developing new tools, the recruited person will contribute to metadata and possibly data analysis of oceanographic (temperature, salinity and biogeochemical measurements) Argo data. In particular, she/he will take advantage of the ENVIR-FAIR improvements of the Argo (meta)data FAIRness to further develop the coherence and consistency of Argo metadata with OceanOPS and other marine Research Infrastructures.

She/he will support Euro-Argo in monitoring the quality of the Argo dataset and propose appropriate Key Performance Indicators and methods/routines to compute them on a regular and automatic basis. Production of code, scripts and reports is expected.

Within the Euro-Argo ERIC, the person recruited will be in charge of:

  • Performing detailed analysis and update/improvement of the Argo metadata information, in link with Argo platforms and sensors manufacturers
  • Developing tools to routinely monitor Euro-Argo data availability and quality, in collaboration with the Argo Information Centre (OceanOPS)
  • Monitoring the status of Argo Delayed Mode Quality Control in Europe for all measured variables
  • Participating in the analysis of Argo technical data such as Ice Sensing Algorithm thresholds, information provided in the trajectory files, etc
  • Monitoring, making propositions and development of routines for automation of statistics regarding the Abrupt Salinity Drift (ASD) issue, in collaboration with the international ASD Working Group

Profile and skills

  • Engineering/Master Degree or PhD in one of the following domains: environmental sciences, applied mathematics, statistics
  • Knowledge of MATLAB or Python, and collaborative development platforms
  • Experience in large datasets analysis
  • Good level in scientific English (written and spoken)
  • 1 to 2 years’ experience desirable

Professional skills

  • Adaptability
  • Teamwork
  • Autonomy
  • Good communication (written and spoken)
  • Writing skills
  • Passion and excitement

Contract type

Fixed term, 12 months


EURO-ARGO ERIC, ZI du Technopole Brest Iroise, 1625 route de St Anne, 29280 Plouzané, France

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