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A school dedicated to young people, proposed by Longitude 181 to address the issue of ocean protection.

LONGITUDE 181 is an association under the French law of 1901 founded in 2002 by François and Véronique Sarano. Its mission is to protect the oceans through research, education and collaboration. For more than 15 years, this association has been raising awareness among citizens, lobbying decision-makers and developing study and preservation programmes for the marine environment. This year, Longitude 181 announces the launch of its new website entirely dedicated to the Ocean Academy, the association’s school.

Longitude 181’s ocean school, called Océan academy, is run by Isabelle Giraud who is in charge of the “Agir pour protéger” programme, and is aimed particularly at young people. Led by a group of volunteers, known as “Ocean Watchers”, this school was born out of the need to make the association’s achievements accessible, such as workshops and educational materials, in order to tackle the subject of ocean protection with young people.

One mission & several types of intervention

According to Ocean Academy, protecting the marine environment means providing information, knowledge and advice about the ocean. In addition to a website offering several types of content to raise awareness among children (podcasts, crafts, posters, informative videos and other articles), this school offers various interventions in schools, from kindergarten to high school..

In this way, the Ocean Watchers come to meet young people. The ocean school programme includes lecture cycles, classroom activities, field trips and many other workshops. The interventions can be modulated according to the needs of each school: they can be one-off or repeated over time. They can be carried out either face-to-face or at a distance.

For more information, visit the Océan Academy website by clicking on the link below:

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