ocean predict

Joint Workshop for Ocean Prediction

Hybrid event

Tsukuba Center for Institutes – JMA/MRI Building, Tsukuba, Japan

15-18 november 2022

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The Observing System Evaluation (OS-Eval TT) and the Coupled Prediction (CP-TT) Task Teams of OceanPredict are organising a joint workshop.

This workshop is to officially kick-off the project of the UN Decade of Ocean Science, Synergistic Observing Network for Ocean Prediction (SynObs).

It will demonstrate the importance of international collaboration on the co-design/assessment of ocean observations, and the development of data assimilation for more efficient use of ocean observation data.

The programme includes several themes:

  • Co-design and evaluation of ocean observing systems: their needs and achievements
  • Data assimilation development for better use of observing data
  • Ocean modelling and initialisation in earth system predictions
  • Discussion on the future activities of OS-Eval TT, CP-TT and SynObs

Practical Information

  • Hybrid event
  • Tsukuba Center for Institutes and JMA/MRI Building, Tsukuba, Japan
  • From 15 to 18 November 2022
  • Registration is mandatory

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