“HEMISPHERES”, an educational programme by Spindrift for Schools

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This Spindrift for Schools educational programme allows students from all over the world to share their experiences around Education for Sustainable Development in order to inspire each other and find solutions for the Planet! In 2022-2023, biodiversity is in the spotlight!

Spindrift for Schools is an educational initiative created in 2015 by Dona Bertarelli and her husband, skipper Yann Guichard, to raise awareness of the wonders of nature and the need to protect the environment. From 2021, Spindrift for Schools is an endowment fund recognised by the French National Education and the Canopé network. Their educational kit “Learning from nature to act” is also supported by the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO.

The aim of the HEMISPHERES project is to encourage concrete experimentation with sustainable solutions and the sharing of experiences on environmental protection practices in a wide range of environments. This multi-disciplinary work is proposed in connection with the concepts of the school curriculum and the SDGs. These exchanges allow young people to discover the natural wealth of the world, other ways of life, other languages, and why not experiment with new solutions for the planet.

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