Cap sur le vivant

CAP ON THE LIVING: The ocean and the living, challenges for the future

Awareness day


Palais des congrès, Lorient, France

#ocean #biodiversity #awareness

Accelerating the transformation of our territories to better protect biodiversity

For the first edition of “Cap sur le vivant au Pays de Lorient” (Focus on life in the Lorient region), the Development Council of the Lorient region wishes to discuss the assets of the ocean, the risks, particularly in the land/sea relationship, and the actions undertaken and to be undertaken.

The aim of this information and awareness day is to create a positive dynamic that will accelerate the transformation of our territory in terms of biodiversity protection.

An event created in partnership with the associations Produit en Bretagne and Eaux & Rivières de Bretagne, the Campus Bretagne Centre IPF3a and the Université Bretagne Sud, and supported by the Region of Brittany, Lorient Agglomeration and the City of Lorient.

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