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“2021 L’Été Polaire” exhibition


10/06 – 10/102021


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2021 L’Été Polaire : Directory of events related to the polar worlds.

On 10 June 2021, the Museum National d’Histoire Naturelle (Paris) will present all the events scheduled for the first cultural and scientific season dedicated to the Arctic and Antarctic poles.

These events will take place over four months throughout France and will celebrate the richness and challenges of the polar worlds in all their forms.

The aim of the 2021 l’Été Polaire label and of this cultural and scientific season is to encourage everyone’s initiatives and actions with regard to the two poles of our world, which are indicators of the human impact on the ecosystem and of the seriousness of climate change.


This cultural season will be an opportunity to promote a range of events on the poles, from exhibitions, meetings and screenings to conferences, debates, studies, explorations, expeditions and other projects. Some highlights are already listed, such as:

  • La Banquise Sens Dessus/ous, a photographic exhibition by Laurent Ballesta and Vincent Munier on the facades of city halls in 25 French cities and towns
  • The Polar Night, on Saturday 9 October 2021 at the Jardin des plantes in Paris
  • The Victor Awards ceremony on Saturday 9 October in the Grand Amphitheatre of the Natural History Museum (Paris)

More information

2021 L’Été Polaire is a non-profit cultural event and a free label that aims to list all events related to the polar territories.

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